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Meeting software is significant because they make it straightforward to connect online with your colleagues and friends. Recently there have been a lot of improvements in cloud technology, meetings software, and video conferencing has become a rising trend during the pandemic.

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Videoconferencing has made it possible to create a cloud workplace for all the individuals working in an organization, and it is a much more affordable method for conducting meeting agenda. By using this tool, you can make your meeting agenda, video meetings, and schedule meetings of any kind. Making meeting notes and following a certain meeting agenda is crucial for productive meetings. If you want to keep on conducting productive meetings, you need the best meeting management solutions for that.

It is done to make the workplace accessible for every employee, and it has enabled many businesses to operate their operations smoothly. Meeting software has made it possible for remote workers to work from the convenience of their homes, easily schedule meetings, and stay up-to-date about what is going on in their workplace.

There is a lot of significance of meeting management software because it reduces the carbon cost of travel and is better for the environment. However, you need to make sure that you are using the best meeting management software to make the most out of key meetings.

This article will discuss the best online meeting management software in 2022 and meeting management system. So without any further ADO, let’s dive right in and have a look.

RemotePC Meeting Meetings Software

RemotePC Meeting is a top-rated meeting management software because it comprises various video conferencing features. This software is specially designed with the collaboration process for beginners to manage online meetings and multiple meeting schedules. If you are a beginner, you can easily start a meeting without any hassle quickly by using this application.

A great feature of this software is that it allows you to create a link that someone can easily click to join your meeting through different social media platforms. This program is also integrated with Yahoo calendars, Outlook, and Google.

A differentiating feature of this software is that you can use voice over internet protocol if you are looking for additional security in managing meetings along with good quality audio and video. RemotePC Meeting makes it easy to take meeting notes, hold video meetings, perform online meeting management, and carry out various meeting management solutions. Task management is easy peasy with this and you can conduct video meetings smoothly.

The meeting management world is changed with a diverse task management tool. meeting management app, web conferencing software, project managers, team collaboration software, and private groups for every team member. Video conferences are the best feature of this task management software. You can take your video conferences and meeting agendas to the next level with this enterprise meeting management software. It is a free meeting management software for video conferences, meeting agendas, audio and video calls, online meetings, and to make your meeting schedule straight.

There is no limit on how many members can join a video conference, and you can make use of advanced group chat tools available once you start online business meetings. The screen share option is also available to make it easy to deliver presentations that are much more engaging for the users to make their point clear.

You can also record a session, save the video in MP3 or MP4 files, and keep it for your future reference. You can access advanced conferencing tools for the group meetings after getting the premium subscription to the software.

remote meeting software

You can make audio and video calls by using these meeting services and by managing multiple teams to schedule meetings. Scheduling meetings is easier with third party calendar tools like this for video and audio conferencing. Breakout rooms are also available for past meetings and there are many meeting management tools available in this one

GoToMeeting Meeting Management Tool

GoToMeeting is a GoToMeeting management software for everyone looking for a mobile-friendly interface. It is a professional meeting software in which you have to pay only $12 per month for the professional plan and $16 for the business plan. This software is also integrated with a voice-over-internet protocol upgrade.

You will get to see a screen sharing option and an easy-to-use interface that is great for beginners. Settings to enhance the image and audio quality are also available once you start the meeting. This software is available for Android and Apple users, and a balanced quality is provided.

All the basic features are available in the basic plan, and there is a limit of 150 team members. It is quite a generous amount of team members for a basic plan. But if you decide to get the business plan of this software, you can increase the number of team members to 250 and get access to premium features like drawing tools and mouse sharing.

It is integrated with google or outlook calendar for meeting scheduling and to assign tasks to your employees. Holding virtual meetings is easy with this applicant because it is integrated with google calendar. It is overall a perfect meeting management solution for meeting attendees. As a meeting host, you can enter the meeting room and record meetings. Virtual meetings are super easy with this software.

Overall, it is a cost-effective meeting management software you can get your hands on in 2022.

RingCentral Video

RingCentral Video is a trendy meeting management software that supports a robust analytics platform and all the comprehensive integrations that users are looking for nowadays. You might face a little bit of difficulty in setting up the meeting management software, but once you do it, you are good to go, and you can get access to all its plans.

ring central

Video call scheduling and recording feature are also available. A great feature of this application is the inbuilt chat functionality for the users. It is also integrated with Microsoft 365 and Google workspace, which is beneficial for all the parties working through a business channel. This application has a compelling analytics dashboard that allows the administrators to check the update of usage of the service.

You can efficiently connect with your meeting attendees as a meeting host and also use the google calendar plug-in in the meeting room. Making meeting attendees feel comfortable is the most important thing and you can make your meeting schedule with this tool. This meeting management software makes it possible to simplify meeting agendas and take meeting notes.

Performance issues can be noted to the exact location to be worked upon. Overall, it is a very appealing meeting management software for every organization out there looking for comprehensive features and the best analytics platform possible for the growth of their organization. It has all the meeting management tools that you need in management software.

Microsoft Teams – Best Meeting Management Tools

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft-centric meeting management software that can easily host up to 10000 participants. It is completely integrated with the Microsoft-related features, and it is the best option for you if you are a Microsoft user. You can easily schedule all your meetings and also send invites to all your guests to join from an external link by using a web browser.

microsoft teams

The best part about this application is that your guests do not need to have it, and they don’t need to download it to join your meeting. The application provides all comprehensive features, including lead videoconferencing and live captions. The users can join calls from anywhere, and you can connect this application with all your devices, including Smartphones and desktop computers. It is a top-rated meeting management software for team meetings and your team members.

It is a great meeting management software for every business out there that has already implemented Microsoft 365 all over their organization. Suppose an organization is looking forward to revolutionizing its digital communication channels and workspace. In that case, Microsoft teams will be a great addition to their organization to make things much more efficient.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a very trendy meeting management software in 2022 that was specially designed for businesses and their needs to make their operations move forward smoothly. This application is the number one choice by every business because it can enable many users to connect to the video conference all at once.


You can use Smart participation to interact and make your meeting much more engaging for the guests. Google meet is an improved version of Google Hangouts, and it makes it easier for your guests to join the meeting because they do not need to download this software to interact with you and join your video conference.

A web-based experience is also available, and you will get to see a dial-in number feature. The best thing about this application is that the quality is maintained throughout the call, and you will not experience any dropout or fluctuation at all. It is a dedicated app available for both Apple users and Android users. You can assign tasks and perform call recording with this top meeting management software.

There is no doubt that it is one of the best meeting management software for team meetings, video conferencing, lucid meetings, recording meeting minutes, and to record meetings as a whole.


Zoom is one of the best meeting management software in 2022, and it became a hit during the pandemic. Businesses were using this meeting management software for remote work processes, and students were making use of this software for their online classes throughout the covid-19 pandemic.

zoom video communication

It is a trendy choice because it is user-friendly and has a super zero setup. However, zoom could have more security features to make video conferencing available for organizations. A free plan is also available to try out for desktop computers and mobile devices. Scalable features are available, along with HD audio and video quality.

At the same time, zoom can handle up to 1000 team members. Users can save their recorded meetings locally as well as on the cloud. The screen share option is also available to make it easy to present to the cast and the file sharing option. Built-in security is provided, but this feature can be further enhanced for the management systems to rely on this meeting management software entirely in the upcoming times.


ClickMeeting is the meeting management software that focuses entirely on productivity and provides the best marketing tools possible. However, it does not have all the features like its biggest comparators, but it is loaded with many features to start with.

It is very beginner-friendly because you can not only screen but also play different slideshows for your guests to make them understand your point much more efficiently. It is a very data-driven meeting management software for businesses with comprehensive marketing tools. It is also integrated with Facebook pixel and Google Analytics.

A great feature is that you can completely customize your web on our page and market your business. It is a very marketing-focused meeting management software, and if it is not something that you are looking for, it will not prove to be that productive for you.

On the brighter side, you will see various integration with popular business applications, including Dropbox. This software provides a lot of premium features, which is quite reasonable considering the price.

U Meeting

U Meeting is a widespread multimedia video conferencing software, and it does not require any download at all. The best thing about this software is that a free version is also available that is feature-rich. Sometimes the profile can be a little bit difficult to set up, but it has many premium features to offer.

More features are provided in this application when the price increases. It is an entirely web-based application, which is great if your organization is not looking forward to downloading any application to hold meetings online. There is no need to download any additional software on each employee’s computer because you can use the web-based version.

However, there is no option to integrate the software with the voice-over-internet protocol system implemented in your organization. Some users have noted that some random features in this application are not related to meeting management and can crowd your software sometimes.


BigBlueButton is an online learning meeting management software that provides a perfect virtual classroom for students. It also features an online whiteboard option which is very handy for students looking forward to studying online and taking online classes. Although it is not a business-focused meeting management software, it has some perfect tools for proving a point and video presentation.

An organisation can use these tools in specific scenarios when there is a need for a whiteboard and a chat option. It is more than just a traditional Video conference software because it has a multi-user whiteboard. It encourages the users to participate in the online meeting and create ideas after brainstorming together.

It is a great software that you can integrate into your organisation right now to make your employees more productive and enable them to come up with ideas for the growth of your organisation. It is one of the best open-source video conferencing software available online at the moment, and sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to set up.


BlueJeans Meetings is a very 20 meeting management software in 2022 and also offers a 30-day free trial and an analytics option is also available. This software has their headquarter in California, and three different pricing plans are available for the users.

The best thing is that users can connect from any computer, including Android and Apple. The dial-in number option is also available, along with calendar support and video recording. A free audio call option is available for 40 different countries, and overall, it is a very secure platform for sharing screens and videos for meeting management online.

Although it does not have the features like its biggest competitors, it offers the best feature possible, which is Dolby voice support.


Meeting management software holds significance for large and small scale businesses and home users. It enables them to keep up with their friends and family and lets them work from home, especially during the pandemic. That is why meeting management software holds a lot of importance for home users and business is to carry out their business operations.

It is suggested that there is a lot of wasteful cost for every business to travel to a specific location to hold meetings when it can be done face to face by using the internet. It is better for the environment and saves a lot of time and money for both parties. You can choose the right meeting management software in 2022 after looking at the list we have assembled for you above.

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