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You can get it done or you can get lost. You decide.

Task management made simple. Easy to use, easy to keep track and fully integrated in your workstreams.

You are right, there are already a zillion task management tools out there! But in our opinion, most of them are rather complicated and not really suitable for managing daily work in different teams. The requirement for our daily work was simply to make sure nothing gets lost and to keep track of what needs to be done. Not “features galore”, but ease-of-use and integration in our daily workstream routines. Surprise! That’s exactly what we aimed for when creating the yowork.io task management tool.

Task Assignment

Get things done with simply/done!

Do you know that? You are in a meeting, and you talk about stuff that needs to be done. The longer the discussion, the more tasks on the table. But some people just not take notes of their tasks, because "they can remember". And later, exactly those people forgot about their tasks! Aaaarrrrgggghhh!!

Stop bothering! Just use the simply/done task assignment and assign all tasks during the meeting to people’s task lists in yowork.io - and track the progress in the workstream’s task management.

With yowork.io it’s freakin' fast and freakin' easy to personally assign new tasks in one place. It’s also insanely easy to keep track over all tasks assigned in the different workstreams and teams.

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get the status of your tasks
Asynchronous Status Report

Who is working on what ... or not?

“I wonder how [add name here] is doing with his tasks!?” No problem! Just check the task status in the workstream. Share your task lists within your workstream or team and get things done together!

Of course, only the members of a particular workstream can see each other’s tasks. Although it might be interesting to see what is going on in the management board’s workstream, with yowork.io, people only see what they are supposed to see. You decide!

There is new information? Just add it to the task and the person working on it has all news in one place. No checking emails, Slack, chat … to gather all updates. The case is closed!

By the way, in combination with a workstream, the task management is a simple way to implement OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), team goals and other results oriented management methods.

Spark Engagement

(Re)engage your team for results

Remote or hybrid work is a cool thing (maybe not for the travel industry)! It saves travelling time and cost, lets us hire the best people in the world no matter where they are located, and we could even work in sweatpants (or even less) as long as we look professional in the video frame.

The downside: we sometimes see a lack of commitment, things diverge somehow. Some people lose track of their tasks and do not feel connected to the team anymore, by just looking on a video screen all day ("zoom fatigue"). But even when working on premise, often someone is missing from the team.

By aligning your daily work in workstreams you can re-engage your team and create more commitment to the tasks at hand. And you help absent team members to catch up quickly on what they have missed.

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