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Meetings sucked in our company!

We could write some marketing blabla here why our mission is to save the world from bad meetings. Or when we had the epiphany why this quest is our only real purpose in life and stuff like that. But to be honest, that would just be a lie! It had nothing heroic or social responsible. It was pure annoyance!

Actually, I was just f*#&% fed up with the meeting behavior in the company I worked for that time. Meeting culture was just a mess! Meetings were boring, pointless even. We had too many, too long ones, very unproductive meetings and often with absolutely no results.

We observed this yoyo effect in meetings, you might also know: Issues came up in meetings and were discussed, but not solved or decided. So these topics came up again and again. We were discussing the same things over and over without any decision or result! What a waste!

Additionally, almost every (!) meeting was ending late and we had the hassle to attend the next meeting while we were still sitting in the current one! Aaaaaarrrrgh! 

So we decided to get … drunk!

Stairs to Success

Self-pity! And beer!

Our first solution (very comfortable): Self-pity! And beer!

Our second solution (even more costly): Developing a first minimum viable product called yoyomeeting over 10 years ago.

But we were stupid and naïve! We thought: Hey, at least half of the business world is looking out of Mr. Gate’s Windows, so let us plug in there to become famous, rich and happy!

Failed! Developing for Microsoft was just too expensive and in the end we had to live with many flaws in the product (my personal comment: "not proud of it!").

selfpitty and beer
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Spreading Virus

Collaboration tools spread like a virus

With the pandemic in 2020, everyone switched to hybrid or remote work and this boosted the sales of collaboration tools. At my that time employer, we relied on Office 365 first. A decent solution for a problem at hand.

But over time, more tools came around when you wanted to collaborate with other people from other companies or departments. We ended up having a million collaboration tools in place to meet all requirements: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Skype for Business, Google Meet, Jira, Trello, … and even Whatsapp!

In addition we still had the old tools like phone (remember this one?!), email, Microsoft Sharepoint, OneDrive, …

Tool Overload in Practice

How did you share this?

In 2020 we ended up not only having bad meetings, but also bad remote communication (and a bad Microsoft add-in). I caught myself at least once a day to ask someone: “Sorry, how did you send this?”. To share information, we had so many options that it was often unclear which channel someone used. “Don’t bother, I will share it again. This will be faster than finding it in the thread …!”)

Same with tasks: They arrived through a trillion possible channels and you had to make sure nothing got lost. But it did – more than once! I am not a task juggler! Are you?

It felt like spending more time searching for information than working with the information! To cut a long story short: To become rich and famous, we sacked Microsoft and created yowork as the software as a service taskandmeetingmanagementefficiencysolution (in Germany, we love long words, you know! And we love efficiency – apart from the company I am now not working for anymore!).

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Fight Fire with Fire!?

Never give up! There is hope!

yowork at least solved our own issues with meetings, tasks and daily collaboration. So maybe it helps you in your daily collaboration routines at work, too!

If it does, we’d appreciate you to buy a license for your team … or department … or your whole company. Or at least tell your tech department to do so!

More fun for you! More results for your team! More revenue for your company! Everyone will profit! Even us!

And don’t forget, you are the cool employee who will be characterized as "Mr./Mrs. Productivity" who introduced yowork to the company! When you sum up all the improved results and productivity boosters, I guess, you should ask for a raise!

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