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Mrs. Productivity or lame duck?

Great meetings derive from a decent preparation. With a few simple steps, you can spark results even before the meeting has started. With agenda templates (some helpful, some funny, some maybe useless), ice breaker items and other shortcuts, it is little effort to create a great agenda for your meeting.

You can even let others do your work! Just share the agenda with your participants to let them add their agenda items. At the end, the agenda health check tells you whether you are the Incredible Productivity Athlete (IPA) or a lame duck (probably just drinking IPA)! In any case, yowork.io helps you to get your butt up and do the meeting preparation really quickly!

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From caterpillar to butterfly!

Meetings are awesome ... when you don't have too many of them! With yowork.io we make sure you have fewer and shorter meetings over time. Not all colleagues are so much fun and good looking to see them in meetings every day!

With our decent meeting preparation your folks come prepared since they know what your meeting is about and what you want to achieve. This is half the battle! Now you must only keep your team focused and lead them through the agenda! Ensure the usual suspects do not get distracted or fall into chatting, monologuing and all this annoying time-consuming clutter.

To help you here, we apply light pressure on your team (yes, exactly like acupressure but without touching you). Our hungry caterpillar (some boring people call it just "timer") shows you in escalating color whether you are on time, behind schedule or completely wasted!

Not to mention all the other cool stuff that supports you during the meeting: like our easy-to-handle meeting notes and decision recording features!

Follow Up

Meeting Summaries really suck!

Who the f*$#% wants to read long and detailed meeting summaries (try rhymes, if you like)? And who wants to write these things anyway? So much work most of the time for … nothing!

Since meeting summaries suck, we developed a way to generate meeting results from your notes, decisions, and tasks on the fly. When your meeting is finished, the sum-up is done, too! How cool is that?!?

All meeting results can be later accessed in the workstream's timeline (the Documents Hub) - with a quick access to decisions, tasks and important documents. Wow, what another unique feature!

Now you and everyone in the workstream can easily understand what is going on. And it's perfect for an efficient onboarding of new team members.

We help you to save your energy to find eggs and chocolates on Easter (in case you celebrate this) instead of wrecking your nerves spending time searching for long gone decisions in meeting minutes!

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