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Terms and Conditions for our Services.

What you should know before signing up.

The following Terms of Service (subsequent “Terms”) define your (subsequent “Customer”) rights and responsibilities for using our (subsequent “Service Provider”) tools and services. These Terms might be supplemented by other Terms and Conditions by third parties who maintain digital outlets where you can obtain, install or download services (e.g. the Microsoft Store or other app stores).

Please also consider our data protection policy which settles all handling of the collected data.

Since we work hard keeping our Services state-of-the-art, we distribute updates occasionally. This agreement also applies to these updates, unless it is explicitly stated, that other terms apply to the updates or new or changed features.

But by the way, it’s great you are interested in optimizing your meetings and we very much appreciate that you are here! Thank you for taking your share in rescuing the world from bad meetings and adding productivity to your teamwork.

§1 Accepting the Terms of Service

Before we start, let’s get one thing clear: by downloading, installing, or using (or attempting to do any of the aforementioned) any of our services, add-ons, or apps, you accept these Terms of Service AND THEY TAKE EFFECT IMMEDIATELY. If you do not agree, please do not (try to) use our services.

§2 Legal Entities

All contracts are concluded between the Customer and the Service Provider. The contracting party for the Service Provider is 7interactive GmbH (company no. HRB117533B), Westendallee 92F, 14055 Berlin, Germany.

§3 Modifications to the Terms of Service

We reserve the right to modify, change or alter the Terms of Service at any time. They will take effect 15 working days after being published on our website or provided otherwise to the users and only if you do not object within this 15-day period. But since we provide our Service to many users worldwide, we cannot handle different Terms of Services and therefore objections to the new Terms will obligate you to actively terminate your contract to the end of your current contract period. If you object to the new Terms, the existing Terms will stay in effect until the end of your current contract period. If you fail to terminate your contract and the contract is automatically renewed, the new Terms will apply from that point in time.

§4 Scope of provided Services

The provided Services help you manage your workstreams, meetings and tasks. Some of our Services (e.g. add-ons for Microsoft, Slack etc.) cannot be used as standalone applications but require a valid license for other products (e.g. Microsoft, Slack etc.). The scope of the Service and the feature set can be changed, altered, or reduced at any time without notification of and without explicit permission by the users. The license therefore does not grant the rights for certain features or a certain outcome when using the Service.

§5 Licenses, Subscriptions and Payments

All licenses contain a certain number of users. When the quota of included users is reached, you are free to upgrade your subscription to the next user tier to add more users. Currently, adding single users is not provided.

Depending on your selected payment period, all subscriptions will automatically renew for the same period as the subscription at the time of renewal (e.g. when you select the discounted payment period for 12 months, the renewal will also be 12 months). 

You can terminate your subscription to the end of the current contract/payment period with 30 days time of notice. 

All license fees are to be paid in advance through one of our provided payment methods. To facilitate your payments, we partner with Stripe Inc. as payment processor. Their terms also apply for each of your payments.

§6 Abuse of provided Service

You may not register for, download or use the provided Services for purposes that might corrupt the Service itself or damage the interests of third parties. This includes changing or altering the Services or code or any other component (e.g. network connections) included in or used by the provided Service. Violations will be prosecuted and compensations (also for consequential loss) will be claimed.

§7 Fair Use Policy

We provide free accounts for test purposes and single users. But since storage consumes resources (e.g. energy, water and money) and kills trees in the long run, we reserve our right to cancel free accounts after 3 months of inactivity and delete all data stored in the account.

§8 Liability, Limitation and Damage Exclusion

The Service Provider undertakes a lot of procedures and arrangements to ensure the availability and security of the Service. But as in all technical systems, there may be downtimes, latencies, undetected flaws or incompatibilities with other software solutions or network components.

Therefore, the Service Provider cannot be held liable for any damage caused by downtimes, incompatibilities, unexpected shut-downs and other issues that even may result in a loss of data or other damages. 

Our Services are only available on an “as is” or “as provided” basis. Therefore, we exclude all warranties for defects and do not guarantee uninterrupted availability, accuracy, a certain quality, reliability, completeness or usefulness of our Services.

In the unlikely event our Service caused any harm, the Customer is obliged to raise the complaint immediately and without any delay as a COMPLAINT NOTICE to the Service Provider. Complaint notices can be filed by any means of reliable communication (documented delivery) and have no particular form other than being marked clearly as complaint notice.

In any case, the Customer must prove the damage/loss and that it was caused by the provided Service. The possible compensation for legitimate complaints to the Customer is restricted to the amount, the Customer has paid on subscriptions in the last 12 months, starting back from the event causing the damage.

But to test drive our Services and eliminate or reduce possible later issues, we offer a forever free subscription with a limited feature set. That way you can experience yourself, how the Services works for you and whether they meet your needs and expectations and are compatible with your existing infrastructure.

§9 Public Reference of Customers and Free Trial Users

Unless the Customer states otherwise in writing directly to the Service Provider, the Service Provider may disclose the Customer or Free Trial User (the company name) as a reference on the website and other marketing materials/channels. Only for that single purpose, the Service Provider is granted the rights to use the Customer’s company name and logo on the Service Provider’s website and other promotional materials. These rights can be revoked at any time by the Customer in writing.

§10 Data Privacy

We use cookies on our website (unless you rejected this when entering our website). To make our online service (“te tool”) work at all, we use cookies to run your session and make sure everything runs smoothly. Please read more details in our privacy policy.

§11 Contractual Communication and Conditions of Purchase

Except where stated explicitly otherwise, all binding contractually communication must be in writing. The corporate address of the Service Provider is 7interactive GmbH, Westendallee 92F, 14055 Berlin, Germany. Precautionary, the Service Provider objects any conditions of purchase that may be presented by the Customer.

§12 And finally …

The Terms have been written in English language since the Services are offered worldwide and we think it is more helpful for most of our Customers. However, the parties agree, the presented Terms are governed by German laws and the language for any legal dispute is German with Berlin (Germany) as place of jurisdiction.

The parties finally agree, that in case one or more arrangements of the Terms are legally void or ambiguous, a new formulation shall be found by a third-party arbitrator, summoned from the responsible German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), that comes as close as possible to the intended meaning.

Status: 01/04/2022_v2

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