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Meeting Management

Results, results, and fun on the way!

We all know pointless meetings. No preparation, no structure, no results. This requires a lot of patience from people tuned to results like you.

yowork.io provides the solution for the whole meeting management cycle: From agenda setting and meeting facilitation to results monitoring. yowork.io provides structure and offers shortcuts for all steps in your meetings. With yowork.io, every meeting ends on time and with results. This will lead to fewer and shorter meetings in the future!

Benefits & Features
"We have fewer meetings" 79%
"Our meetings end on time" 93%
"Our meetings are more productive" 94%
Benefits & Features
"We get more done and progress faster" 89%
"Daily work feels a lot more structured" 91%
"We assign more personal tasks in meetings" 76%
Task Management

Keep track and get things done

Don't "overmanage" simple tasks in complex project management tools. yowork.io is designed to get you started instantly.

You will ensure every task in your workstream is assigned to the right person and no single task will be forgotten. Create transparency in the team and show who is working on what. Provide updates on task when new information is available. Keep track of your own todos in the different workstreams.

Documents Hub & Timeline

Find stuff and learn from decisions!

With "the one place" for documents, files, meeting summaries, decisions, etc., everyone will find everything connected to a workstream instantly.

With the archive's timeline, it's easy to undestand the context for decisions from the past. You can learn from your successes and failures and can improve over time. New team members are onboarded quickly by reading the timeline. Everyone is in the know - anytime!

Benefits & Features
"We find important information easier" 92%
"The timeline adds value to the documentation" 82%
"It's a great way to keep track of what's going on" 89%
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