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If you’re interested in icebreakers for remote teams, you’ll want to know what a virtual icebreaker is, why it’s important to use them, and how you can make them fun for your team.

We’ve included some of the most popular team-building activities. Just be sure to follow the guidelines! We hope they help you build a better rapport with your teammates. But before we dig deep, let’s take an overview of virtual ice breaker:

What is a virtual ice breaker

If you want to break the ice in a corporate setting, you should try a virtual ice breaker. This type of activity is fun and requires little preparation on your part. You can build this activity into your regular weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly team-building cadence.

Using a virtual icebreaker can be a great way to bring teams together and improve teamwork. It allows employees to express themselves without feeling self-conscious or awkward openly. You don’t have to use controversial topics so that you can choose something more light-hearted, such as their favorite sport. Team building activities can also be used in a team-building exercise to encourage employees to share personal opinions or a favorite topic.

meeting icebreakers

Virtual Ice Breaker Is a Good Way to Spark Conversation

Virtual icebreakers can be as simple as ‘take a picture of your shoes.’ Whether a person is on a first date or meeting their co-workers, these games can help you spark conversations.

They can also be as simple as a question that prompts the other person to ask about their hobbies and interests. Virtual icebreakers are a crucial part of successful business meetings by establishing a connection and sparking conversation.

Why is virtual ice-breaking important

If you’ve ever been to a business meeting and wondered, “Why is virtual ice-breaking important?” you are not alone. The vast majority of people who attend meetings do not take the time to practice ice breaking.

Senior executives and other members often lack time to participate in fun icebreakers. However, a few tips like planning a virtual book club can help you make the most of your meeting by using a fun icebreaker game. Here are some reasons why virtual icebreakers are important for your next meeting.

Foster empathy

A key reason why icebreakers are so important for any team is to foster empathy. Empathy helps team members to see things from others’ perspectives, collaborate, and understand the impact of decisions. Without empathy, a team will not function effectively and will lack caring among members. An icebreaker is a fun way to foster empathy and foster teamwork.

Comfortable environment

The fun icebreakers activity can create a more comfortable environment in your meetings, stimulating creativity and encouraging conversations among team members. It also helps people understand one another better, important for working together.

The more comfortable team members are, the more productive they’ll be. And if you can’t bring in the physical team to participate in virtual ice-breaking activities, consider doing it at home. The possibilities are endless!

Fun and relaxed atmosphere

As the recession continues to affect many employers, they reevaluate their staff’s time in the office. Fun games can help people overcome this problem and serve them well for years to come while working remotely.

Additionally, the advancement in technology allows people to work from home more than ever before. For example, a few rounds of virtual scavenger hunt can help you get along better with your team and your clients by providing a fun and relaxed environment in remote work.

Strengthening of communication

If you have a remote team, virtual ice breakers can help strengthen communication, improve trust, and boost morale. Virtual ice breakers work particularly well for teams made up of new employees. They also help managers know their direct reports better and build stronger relationships. These activities are suitable for many industries, including healthcare, startups, and more.

Promote teamwork

Icebreakers are important for several reasons. First of all, they encourage team members to get to know each other and build rapport. Second, they reduce loneliness and isolation, both common feelings for individuals in a work environment.

Furthermore, virtual icebreakers can promote teamwork and communication outside the office. If you attend online meetings off and on in a conference room, consider using virtual icebreakers like virtual trivia or truths and a lie to begin the meeting.

More interaction

These virtual ice breakers can increase interaction at a meeting or event by encouraging employees to give positive and negative feedback. In small teams, employees are more likely to interact and build a sense of community with virtual ice breakers since anyone from different departments can play them.

Using a quiz or guessing game like guessing a favorite movie or one-word game is an excellent way to break the ice and get people talking even on video conferencing applications. In addition to promoting team building, virtual ice breakers can make employees feel more appreciated.

Virtual Icebreakers to try

There are several different virtual icebreakers that you can use to make your team feel more comfortable and connected. There are two types those that involve teamwork and those that do not. Both are great ways to build team bonds.

Whether your team is new to working together or has already worked together for a while, virtual icebreakers are an excellent way to break the ice. Here are three of the most effective virtual icebreakers you can use.

Five Strikes

“Five Strikes” is a fun game where the host is supposed to create five scenarios where there is a large team and coordination is not on point. To ensure that everyone has an equal chance of picking the right answer, leave time for discussion and explain each choice. For groups with different cultures, collective knowledge is the perfect icebreaker even for video conference training sessions.

Take a picture of your shoes

“Take a picture of your shoes” is another great virtual icebreaker. It can be as simple as taking a picture of your shoes. The visual cues can help you connect with others, sparking conversations about hobbies and interests.

Moreover, these icebreakers are great fun and can be used for other purposes, including internal newsletters and Slack channels. And if you aren’t feeling up to trying one, you can always use a similar one for your next meeting.

Sell it a game

Virtual icebreakers can be as simple as the Sell it game. This game requires little preparation and only a few minutes of your participants’ time. Employees pick an item on their desk and explain it to others to play. You can even set a price for each item. Then, each team member gets one minute to make their pitch and answer any ice breaker questions. Time machine is also another common form of virtual ice breaker.

Time machine

One of the most common forms of virtual icebreakers is the time machine game. This classic game is often used at school and college gatherings to inspire employees to think creatively and work together.

It is also a great game for remote teams. To play, the host asks participants to think about where’d they go if they had a time machine. The participants must share the places and people they would like to visit and the reasons behind these choices.

Virtual Bingo

One icebreaker game that works in a virtual team is virtual bingo. You can allow your team members to interact with each other and then ask your team to mark off the traits on the card. It is an excellent way to build team cohesion. But it requires more time than other icebreaker games.

virtual icebreaker meeting

Fun ice breakers for remote teams

While assembling a remote team, don’t forget to incorporate some fun virtual ice breakers. These activities require a little planning but can be an effective way to kick-off meetings. Listed below are some examples of creative ice breakers perfect for virtual teams.

If your team is working from a remote location, you might consider hosting a coffee mug catwalk. In this game, team members can take turns showing off their favorite mug.

Another icebreaker involves a simple text game, such as taking turns saying “coffee” or “tea.” Using emojis for this exercise is also a fun option. You can ask your team to draw answers to ice breaker questions, such as “Who is your favorite fictional character?” or “What is your spirit animal?”

Advantages of virtual ice breakers

While you might be able to make a business case for putting video conferencing on your agenda, there are a few reasons you should think twice. First, the economy is causing many employers to re-think the number of time employees spends in the office.

Second, many employees opt to work from home due to health or financial issues. Virtual ice breakers can help you break the ice in your virtual workplace, helping you establish rapport and bond with your team.

Icebreaker games are great for virtual meetings for several reasons. Not only do they help in virtual team building, but they also disarm participants and connect them to the team in breakout rooms. The following are some of the benefits of using the best virtual icebreakers for virtual meetings.

Encourage creativity and interaction

The benefits of these games like a virtual treasure hunt for remote meetings are several. The first benefit is that they encourage people to interact with each other. This helps to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, which leads to better productivity and collaboration.

In addition to helping people get to know one another, icebreaker games will allow remote employees to build team rapport with one another. So, please make use of them during your next video team meeting using a virtual whiteboard.

Improved collaboration

Moreover, you can use virtual ice breakers in virtual meetings, encouraging remote workers to interact and develop rapport with one another. These ice breakers are also useful in helping teams from different business sectors merge and improve their collaboration.

They can help you build a better working environment by breaking down boundaries and cliques. Furthermore, they allow you to interact with people from different countries fun, relaxed, and non-threatening.

Trust and cooperation

Aside from creating a fun environment, virtual icebreaker games can help build trust and cooperation among team members. While these games are generally more appropriate for the remote team in which people are not working in the same physical location, they can be inappropriate in situations where a group is under extreme pressure. And they can also annoy those discussing a crisis. So, it’s important to plan the virtual team meeting accordingly.

Incerase Group Morale

Another benefit of using icebreakers like a virtual scavenger hunt for team-building activities is that they can increase the group’s morale. Team building activity games can boost team engagement and communication by getting everyone involved.

These team-building games will make everyone feel good about their communication and look forward to the next virtual meeting. And since everyone is interacting, this will naturally increase their motivation and morale. Ultimately, it will be a win-win situation for all involved.

When to use a virtual ice-breaking activity

Virtual ice-breaking activities are an excellent way to bring virtual teams together to promote trust and cooperation, but they aren’t appropriate for every virtual meeting. In situations where employees are under time pressure or in a crisis, “fun” activities may annoy the participants. This is where an open-ended survey or email can be used as an alternative.

virtual icebreakers

Virtual ice-breaking activities are a good way to break the ice in a remote team, introducing new team member to their colleagues in a virtual environment. These games can be a great way to foster creative thinking, create internal networks, or even polish leadership skills. However, before choosing a virtual icebreaker, consider the group and time zones. Additionally, consider the differences in culture. This way, the employees can feel more comfortable.

Short virtual ice-breaking activities for virtual team building

Icebreaker activity can be a great way to kill communication barriers and introduce new people to one another on a video call. These activities can be very short and easy to conduct in a virtual meeting. These are a great choice if you work with a large group of unrelated people.

They can be as simple as choosing a few choices, such as a favorite food or historical figure in a small group. The questions can also be impromptu, with the person with the shortest answer remaining the winner among other team members.

You can also conduct short tests to gauge the team’s strengths. For example, you can ask your team member to share their top strengths and brainstorm ways they can use them in their daily lives.

This way, employees can learn more about each other without the pressure of worrying about causing an awkward situation on a video call in a virtual meeting. Another way to conduct the best virtual icebreakers is to have everyone share their favorite topic. If your virtual team is dispersed, you can set up a fun game based on this topic.

Tips for Conducting Team Building activities

If you have a virtual team or need to introduce recruits to colleagues, virtual ice breakers can help. These activities encourage team bonding, boost creativity, and foster internal networks. However, you need to think about the technology used, time zone differences, and cultural differences to conduct a successful virtual ice breaker. The following are some tips to help you conduct a virtual ice breaker:

Motivate Team member to share something

A common way to encourage teamwork is to use a team-building activity to motivate employees to share something positive or negative about their co-workers. For instance, a virtual scavenger hunt is a great icebreaker that can help you create a positive atmosphere by encouraging employees to recognize their co-workers’ positive attributes.

Fun virtual icebreakers are particularly useful for newly formed virtual teams. When used correctly, it can lead to productive virtual team building and inspire virtual team members to perform better. It would be best if you also use it to foster team bonding.

The Tool for Remote/In House Teams to Apply Virtual Ice Breakers

If you’re looking for the best way for virtual team building among your in-house and remote teams, you should use yowork.io for your team meetings. This collaborative software provides all the tools you need to create and apply virtual ice breakers even in smaller groups for a good laugh. Not only does yowork.io provide a platform to create and apply these techniques to your (virtual) teams, but it supports the whole meeting management and task management process in your organization.


You can conduct a virtual ice breaker in groups or individually. Just make sure to leave some time to discuss the results with your team. If the team is still new, a virtual game such as Collective Knowledge can help them become more comfortable with each other. It will make the meeting less awkward for everyone. So, consider putting up a virtual ice breaker next time you’re planning a remote meeting.

Now it’s your turn

What are you most favourite icebreakers for virtual meeting or “real life”? just post them in the comments and share your ideas and experiences.

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