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What are leadership meetings?

A leadership meeting is an excellent opportunity to discuss company policies. It can be a great place to share recent wins and losses. If there are no updates, the meeting is an ideal time to start planning for the following week. The purpose of a leadership meeting is to help the team reach strategic decisions. During a leadership meeting, participants should discuss important issues, and the leaders should try to resolve them. Often, the issues discussed should be of high importance.

The first step of any leadership meeting is to define the purpose of the meeting. This document should be short and simple. Its main objectives should be clearly defined. It is important to ask why, until you hit belief and value. This helps you focus the conversation and determine the next steps. After the meeting, ask your team for feedback and ideas for future meetings. These can help you design the best possible meeting for entire organization.

The purpose of a leadership meeting is to make key decisions on business strategies and other important issues. It should be a structured and routine process. If possible, schedule the meeting at a time that everyone can attend. This ensures that everyone is fully prepared and doesn’t waste their time. It should also be focused on high-level issues and not lower-level issues. A successful meeting will lead to valuable results. You can use this format to keep your meetings productive and profitable.


The most successful meetings are structured around specific company goals. The leader should set the goals of the meeting. This will help the participants understand what the meeting is about and what the outcome is. During a leadership session, it’s best to keep the focus on strategic issues. During the session, participants should discuss any challenges that affect the business. In some cases, the goal of the meeting is to establish a strategy.

One of the main goals of a leadership meeting is to achieve results. This can be done by ensuring that the leadership team meeting agenda focuses on the most important topics. The meeting should be scheduled at a time that is convenient for everyone. It is important to focus on the most important issues. It is not beneficial to waste time discussing non-urgent matters. Instead, it is best to discuss the most important things and set a deadline for completing the meeting agenda.

What Do You Discuss in Leadership Meetings?

A key question for leadership meetings is “What do you discuss in these team leadership meetings?” Often, it’s because a team is too compartmentalized. When department heads come to a leadership meeting, they’re ready to address issues affecting their department, not the organization. This is a mistake, as all board members of the leadership team is also a leader of the entire company. Therefore, it is critical to start every meeting by focusing on “what’s best for the business.”

If possible, send out the performance dashboard ahead of time. Only talk about issues that affect the entire team. Before the meeting, make sure that everyone on the leadership team has read and reviewed the performance dashboard. When discussing the performance of the company, it’s important to share the context and implications. This information should include answers to any questions from the members. If possible, consider inviting managers from other departments to join the meeting.

Check-ins are an important part of any leadership meeting. Ensure that each manager is aware of how the company is doing. By doing this, everyone will be more engaged and willing to participate in the meeting. If a manager does not know how the company is doing, he or she should be briefed prior to the meeting. A meeting will be more productive if everyone shares these facts with the other leadership team members.

Meeting Agenda for Leadership Team Meetings

The purpose of a leadership team meeting is to resolve issues, which can be difficult to discuss, but are vital to a business’s success. To keep the focus on issues that are important to the business, the team should identify the biggest roadblocks, blockers, and issues that can’t wait until the next meeting. Leadership team should then pick the most important issue and decide how to proceed. It may be necessary to push back some feature release dates until the next one.

The leadership meeting agenda should focus on the most important issues. It’s a great opportunity to gather the team’s feedback and come up with solutions. The meeting shouldn’t be all negative, however. Make sure to include a section that showcases executive team members’ wins. End the meeting with a roundup of wins, which will help leaders know what is going well across other departments and lift team morale.

How to Conduct Effective Leadership Team Meetings?

The most effective leadership team meetings will be the result of peer-to-peer communication. This kind of interaction helps your executive team to get to know each other better, which will lead to better work. You should also ensure that you assign action items for each next leadership team meeting participant. During executive team meetings, the executive team should share one specific metric at a time, which is easy to remember. This will help your management team stay focused on the big picture.


It is important to schedule enough prep time before the meeting. This will allow you to brainstorm the next leadership team meeting topics and give everyone ample time to prepare for the meeting. You should also make sure that you respect the time of your management team members and start and end your meetings on time. Missing meetings has a snowball effect, which can lead to an entire day that is late. Keeping track of the time is essential for an effective meeting.

Leadership Meeting Agenda

Once you have scheduled a meeting, it is important to prepare a leadership meeting agenda beforehand. Include the desired outcome for all management meeting topics. This will help you avoid wasting time. For instance, when organizing a meeting, ask whether or not all meeting attendees are interested in the topic. If the answer is no, ask them which item they think is the most important. It is crucial to spend most of the management meetings on the priorities of all members.

Simple and To The Point

Before the meeting, send an email or memo outlining the important outcomes of each topic. If a topic is important for everyone, the executive meeting should be focused on that topic. The leadership team should also be prepared to discuss issues that may arise. If a topic is too complex or complicated, it is best to keep it simple and avoid wasting valuable time. During the meeting, participants should share their accomplishments and set the tone for the discussion.

Open and Transparent

When you conduct leadership team meetings, it is important to set a clear leadership meeting agenda and purpose for the meeting. Too many team meetings are not effective because they are focused on tactical issues and reporting status. Instead, they should focus on key strategic initiatives. To do this, the leadership team meeting should be attended by all of the leadership team members. For this, it should be open and transparent. After all, you don’t want everyone to be talking about their achievements and failings, you’ll want to make sure that everyone can be heard, so everyone can hear the truth.

Discuss Team Goals

Before the leadership team meeting, you should send out a performance dashboard. This is a report of the major accomplishments of your team since the last meeting. During this meeting, you should discuss your company goals and how to improve the company’s performance. You should also make sure to discuss any issues that arise from the past. The purpose of a leadership team meeting is to create the best possible environment for everyone to succeed.

Why do you need leadership meeting software?

Software for meeting management can be invaluable in coordinating a variety of different functions and processes. High-level stakeholders will often have a diverse array of opinions and personalities, so it is imperative to use a system that allows for coordinated participation by everyone that allows you to talk openly in the same room. It will also help keep the entire leadership team meeting on track and on time.

The Best Tool For a Leadership Meeting

What’s the best tool for a leadership meeting? It’s a question that must be asked by every leader at some point. In addition to the agenda, leadership meetings should help the team achieve its mission. Let’s take a look at the most efficient and best tool for effective leadership meeting and how you can use it to get the most out of your board meetings.


When people are confident that their opinion is valuable, they’re more likely to apply. If their input doesn’t matter, teamwork will begin to fall apart. But don’t worry. You don’t need a full-blown leadership team meeting to keep teams on task. A simple daily morning huddle will align teams and prevent duplication and oversights.

And not only when your leadership team meeting will be held virtually, yowork.io is (at least in our opinion) one of the best collaborative tool to support the habit building of productive leadership team meetings. Try it for yourself!

Perfect tool for leadership meetings

If you’re leading a team of people, yowork.io might help you too to strcuture and organize you leadership meetings. It supports the whole meeting management cycle across preparation, conducting and folllowing-up – it even helps you to document results in an innovative, context sensitive way. It’s simple to use and quickly implemented in your daily routines and therefore a good choice for leadership meetings.

It is also a great place for tracking progress. You can assign tasks and get things done in an engaging and super efficient way.

Collaborate with team members (remote and on premise), share ideas and much more. You can also group leadership teams in workstreams, making it easy to keep track of the latest developments within a topic where you are involved in. The results of these team meetings will boost your output.

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leadership meeting explained

How often should you organize a leadership meeting?

A leadership team meeting should be scheduled once a week. It should be held weekly, at the same time each week. In this way, everyone is on the same page, and it should have a consistent schedule. When it is time for the next leadership team meeting, the leadership team meeting agenda should be set. If you want it to be an effective leadership meeting, it should address important issues and start planning for the next week. The leaders should make key decisions that are in the best interest of the entire leadership teams.

Discuss New Policies

A weekly leadership team meeting is a great place to discuss strategy and the issues that arise from the week’s activities. During effective meetings, leaders can discuss new policies and challenges, as well as plan for the next week’s events. When holding these meetings, be sure to focus on high-priority issues. Don’t waste valuable time on less important issues in leadership team meetings.


A weekly leadership team meeting should be conducted routinely, at a time that is set by the team. The goal of the leadership team meeting agenda should be to discuss the week’s challenges and to plan for the next week. The purpose of leadership team meetings is to discuss issues that affect the business, not to share information about how to solve them. The leadership team meeting should focus on the challenges and solutions that the company needs to overcome.

Summing up

Whether you’re a CEO, founder, or just a manager, leadership team meetings can be an extremely beneficial tool for your organization. Leaders can use them to discuss strategic decisions, initiatives, and milestones, brainstorm solutions to problems and discuss important information. Weekly meeting with senior leadership is often different from the type of meetings held in an office setting.

A leadership team meeting can be an important opportunity for the executives to discuss the company policies. The purpose of the executive team meetings is to discuss challenges and create a plan for the coming week along with saving the valuable time of the senior leadership team. In addition, it should be short and keep the focus on the most important issues. If the meetings are longer, it may be beneficial to divide the issues into smaller groups.

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